Norwolf Tribeca™ Boxtower Series TBQ™ and TBX™

XCELink™ | Tribeca Boxtower™ | Specialty Sockets & Drives

The world’s smallest, lightest, box style hydraulic wrench.
Straight profile fits easily into tight areas.

NORWOLF Tribeca™ Boxtower Benefits:
• Can be used with hydraulic pump or manual wrench.
• 2:1 torque multiplication with manual wrench.
• Totally enclosed aircraft aluminum body.
• Light weight, slim-line body.
• Available in single and double acting.
• Available in square drive and low profile.
• Available in 6 or 12 points.
• Patented disengagable reaction pawl.
• Built in alloy steel reaction block.
• Optional reaction arm available.


NORWOLF Tribeca™ Boxtower Datasheet:
NORWOLF Tribeca™ Boxtower Square Drive Datasheet: