Norwolf T-Con™ Hydraulic Thru Bolt Tensioner

X-Bot™ Tensioner | T-Con™ ThruBolt Tensioner

Norwolf T-Con™ Thru Bolt Tensioners are used in bridge construction, wind turbine construction, bridge building and myriad large construction applications.



NORWOLF T-Con™ Tensioner Benefits:
• Operates at only 10000 psi – single line action permits use with any 10K pump.
• Custom double stack/double acting available to fit in narrow confines as shown in photos.
• Built in safety cap eliminates strain.
• Built in automatic spring return.
• Choice of pin type or gear driven nut tightening mechanism.
• Special configurations, double stack, double acting.


For your convenience, please download the T-CON™ Application Sheet below, to send us your most accurate information and to expedite your tool.
NORWOLF T-CON™ Application Datasheet:
NORWOLF T-CON™ Tensioner Cutsheet: