Norwolf XCELink™


XCELink™ | Tribeca Boxtower™ | Specialty Sockets & Drives

The Norwolf Xcelink™ is the ultimate answer for gaining access where standard pneumatic multipliers are too tall or bulky to fit application. The Norwolf Xcelink™ is essentially a Missing Link™ with the ability to turn continuously.

There are two available styles. The standard style has a sliding pin with which to react with any standard pneumatic torque wrench. The hub style has a specific splined hub to match the input tool of choice. All hubs can be interchanged for added versatility.

NORWOLF XCELink™ Benefits:
• 3:1 or 4:1 ratios.
• Totally enclosed aircraft aluminum housing.
• Available in two styles, pin or hub reaction.
• Continuous rotation for use with any pneumatic or electric wrench.
• Available in special configurations.
• Gearless internal design offers long service life.




NORWOLF XCELink CTC Series HUB Datasheet:
NORWOLF XCELink CTC Series PIN Datasheet: