Norwolf M-DRIVE™


It goes where others can’t.

The M Drive is a special application tool for hyper-low clearance applications like BOP’s. It has no holding pawl, is lightning fast and has the flattest drive width in the X Driver family. There are no roll pins. A longer lever arm allows for a 40 degree stroke, which is what gives the hex link it’s amazing speed. The M Drive is specifically made for the tightest BOP applications (such as a 7” 10m) where no others can fit.

NORWOLF M-Drive Benefits:
• Fastest… 40º stroke… most accurate with sliding keyways.
• Absolute thinnest… patented totally enclosed system… no exposed teeth.
• Available in ratchet, spanner or split link design.
• Easiest to use… snaps right in… fits in only one way.

 A-Drive | M-Drive | V-Drive


Three choices of hex links:

  • 1) A totally enclosed ratcheting hyper low-profile hex link.
  • 2) A non-ratcheting spanner link.
  • 3) A swing-open non-ratcheting link fitting jam nuts


NORWOLF M-Drive Ratchet Datasheet: Imperial/metric
NORWOLF M-Drive Spanner Datasheet: Imperial/metric